About Me
I promote hands - on therapy combined with educational training for
complete wellness. "The heart of therapy is the quality of caring."

Specializing in treatment of Chronic pain, new and old Trauma, Postural
correction, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, sciatica, low back and neck pain,
frozen shoulder, limited mobility,
I've been working at my
family's chiropractic office since January 2003 and
some private practices. I enjoy helping people and release their tensions
and stress. Whether you seek relief form pain or just want to relax, I can
help you ease you way back to balance.
1996 Bachelors of Science at SUNY Brockport in Therapeutic Recreation
2003 New York State Licensor in Massage Therapy
2005 Certificate for geriatric massage
2006 Orthopedic massage for the upper extremities
2007 Orthopedic massage for the lower extremities
2012 Orthopedic assessment
Relax!   Rejuvenate!   Reward!
Christopher Benson, LMT, Pllc.
(585) 755-PAIN (7246)
“Mr. Benson has done wonders for
my sciatic pain that I used to get
Daily. Now it is fare and in
between                       Cliff Edington
My Therapeutic massage. . .
Individualized so you can feel better then ever!

My Therapeutic massage is a integration of a variety of techniques, entirely individualized YOUR specific
needs, which is why you will feel amazing when we are done!

I start with Swedish Massage: It is excellent for a deeply relaxing, soothing massage to melt away your stress
and tension . It energises the body by promoting circulation. This technique will loosen you tight muscles,
stretch and tone muscles, by speed  healing and reduce swelling form injury, and it will definitely decrease
emotional stress, and help the body maintain homeostasis.
As I find area of tension, knots, and discomfort I will be integrating any or all my following, as needed to bring
you relief you have been seeking form aches and pains. Deep tissue massage, as the name suggests is a
more intense massage. This type of massage uses a slow deep pressure to help release trigger points in
affected areas and breaking up adhesions to release tension in that areas, to begin the healing process
(because it brings more blood and oxygen to the muscles) and to return the muscle to its normal range of
motion, restoring function and neuromuscular balance, these techniques require more advanced training and
more thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. Deep tissue work can sometimes be uncomfortable,
or even a little painful, but breathing  deeply helps. I will always work with you and never go past you comfort
level. I may also use Cross-Fiber friction: a deep transverse friction, along the grain of the muscle, to restore
mobility and release the fibers of the muscles and remove tho toxins and deeply held patterns of tension. And I
also include the Myoskeletal Release method, Myofacial release, and assisted stretching routines --
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) with are stretching exercises that involve a combination of
alternating contraction and relaxation to release the lengthen the tight muscles.